Kevin Rider’s passion for construction and architecture has innocent and honest roots.  At the young age of nine, he and his father would cut up fiberboard into small blocks, simulating quarried limestone, and build elaborate medieval castles and Romanesque churches from scratch.

“Executing the architectural style was the what made those projects fun.  At that time and through elementary school,  I assumed I would be an architect. My Father was a medieval historian and his stories held a powerful infatuation and mystery for me, especially in regard to structures, time and purpose."

As a young adult, Kevin developed a love for travel and geography and spent several years in his twenties living, traveling and surfing in Europe and Africa.  For a few years he led bike tours through France and Italy.  His travels abroad only intensified his intrigue for the history of architecture and his love of buildings.  Yet, after graduating from UC Berkeley in 1990, Kevin had a realization about place and ambition. 

“I remember wondering after college about what I wanted to do and I realized where I reside might be more important than what I do. That is when I decided I wanted to live in Big Sur, California, which I’ve always been drawn to since I grew up so close to that part of the central coast.  I knew construction work would provide me an opportunity to live in an area I loved.  It was a perfect fit.”

After apprenticing three years for a master builder, Kevin founded Rider Construction in 1996.  He soon developed a reputation for artistic detail on complicated projects, often in remote and challenging locations. 

“Kevin is the rare builder who has an artistic mind but can also think in a linear manner.  He is one of those people who can see the forest, but looks at the bark of the tree." 

With the completion of the Big Sur Stone House in 2015, Rider Construction gained further recognition and prominence for exacting high standards of quality with uncompromising attention to detail, often in some of the most extremely challenging, remote locations of Big Sur.  These locations are made even more difficult and complicated by formidable, long term road closures due to massive mud slides or extensive fires.  Through all of the obstacles, Rider construction kept building and creating and achieving.

As his company has grown and accomplished, Kevin credits the dedication and talent of his employees foremost for the ongoing success. 

“We have a saying, ‘Dogged attention to detail.’  My staff sweats the details every day and our structures reflect their commitment and effort.  I think often of how I can honor that and them.” 

Rider Construction continues to build some of the most aesthetically complicated yet stunningly beautiful homes in Big Sur and the Monterey Peninsula.